Multidisciplinary Artist / UXUI / Interaction Designer

Selected Projects

Art Therapy / Cognitive Computing / Wearable Installation

Lone Comfort is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy experiment. To help myself modify and cope with irrational beliefs, IBM Watson APIs are used to identify my automatic negative thoughts and feelings during conversations with the Watson chatbot.

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VR Meditation / UXUI / Haptic Feedback

Halcyon is a healthcare wearable that was developed to improve social wellness, it aims to soothe multiple symptoms of social anxiety through immersive meditation. It combines vibrations, lighting and temperature manipulation with the engaging visual nature of VR to provide a unique sensorial experience.

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Smart Craft / IoT /
Social Experience Design

Design a comfortable lifestyle with the integration of tradition and technology. The themes of the project "Hida Bench" are "conversational crafting," literally translating," and "The making of life with life." 



Playful Education / Game Design / Immersive Storytelling

This design education interdisciplinary collaboration project in partnership with 5th through 8th-grade students and us will produce immersive educational play experiences about the mathematical constant of Pi (Pi represents the number reflecting how many times a circle’s diameter may be divided into its circumference).​

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Interactive Installation / IoT / Critical Design

Most people have social media accounts, and we do all the virtual social activities on it. Our behaviors, reactions are monitored by those Internet companies. People’s privacy becomes valuable big data for them. However, do they just get the information we accept to share, or they just grab every information from us without any notice? 

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Website / Signs / Invitation card

The identity design of the invitation card, signs, the website for Oscar Tuazon exhibition. The idea is from his installations.


UXUI / Web Design

A website for the book "Recipes Everyman Should Know" to share the information about cooking tools, tips, and recipes.

Wearable Technology / Fashion Collection / Physical Computing

"Still Flow" is inspired by a future imaginary scene where there the only season is winter: looks like a snow world. People depend on scarce material and food for survival. This is the consequence of environment pounding when people destroy the environment and overuse natural resources. Thus, all lives seem frozen, even dead.

Wearable Technology / Fashion Collection / Physical Computing

"re: birth" is a dress based on the fashion collection "Still Flow" by Marina Lee, and Chiehping Chen. The concept is telling a story about climate change.

Wearable Technology / Fashion Collection / Physical Computing

Light and Dark. White and black. Soft and strong. Two extreme powers pull each other. They find the equilibrium when impacting and stimulating two opposite sides. Just like creatures being versus the nature or technology versus human being., they seem peaceful to get along, but fight and compete for each other secretly.

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Motion Graphics / Video Editing / Sound Editing

Reel 2015–2018 


Chieh-Ping Chen 陳芥平 is an NYC-based Multidisciplinary‭ ‬Artist‭ / ‬UXUI‭ / ‬Interaction Designer. Originally came from Taiwan. His primary focus right now is to experiment with different ways to interface the physical world through his interests in visual aesthetics, creative technology, and experience design.



  • Authorized to work in the US for any employer.

  • Intense multitasking and organizing abilities. 

  • Self-motivated, flexible, detail-oriented. 

  • High level of enthusiasm and commitment to a design career.


He holds an AAS in Graphic Design and an MFA in Design & Technology from Parsons School of Design. Currently living in Bushwick, New York.


Having cooperated for the early-stage startup Toii Inc, He has been exposed to many aspects of the business and creative world. His experience as a UX Designer & Prototype Developer at the Halcyon VR Meditation shows his capability of working with others through the creative process of production while meeting the challenges presented to him. 


Chieh welcomes the opportunity to have you to check out his portfolio and resume and meet with you to further discuss the possibilities with any corporation in creative technology, visual aesthetics, and interactive experience fields.



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Exhibitions / Honors


Camp Coordinator / Teaching Fellow in Royal Studio x Wearable Media / Jul 2019


Camp Coordinator / Teaching Fellow in Royal Studio x Parsons / Jul 2018


Lone Comfort at NYCML "May The Chatbot Be With You" Workshop


Lone Comfort, Halcyon, Glimmer at NYC Media Lab Summit / Sep 2017


Lone Comfort, Halcyon at World Maker Faire NY / Sep 2017


Lone Comfort at Spectrum MFADT Thesis Show / May 2017

Halcyon at Immersive Storytelling Symposium / Feb 2017




#WhatUshare? at Parsons Playtech Fall Expo / Nov 2016


#WhatUshare? at Modern Storyteller New Media Show / Jul 2016


Pi-ly Run at Parsons Playtech Spring Expo / Apr 2016


Pi-ly Run at Jersey City’s 6th Annual Pi Day / Mar 2016






Parallel at Zero Boundaries New Media Show / Dec 2014


Parallel at Plus/Minus 12 New Media Show / May 2014