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Wearable Tesla Coil Demo


/ Sep 2017

Wearable Technology / Fashion Collection / Physical Computing

Light and Dark. White and black. Soft and strong. Two extreme powers pull each other. They find the equilibrium when impacting and stimulating two opposite sides. Just like creatures being versus the nature or technology versus human being., they seem peaceful to get along, but fight and compete for each other secretly. This wearable tech project is inspired by these two kinds of emotions. Thus, I used organic shapes created by white pure organza fabric to indicate fragile feelings. When it encountered the black leather glove with cold, hard technology materials, two opposite materials fuse together and generate light from the surface of clothing.


Chieh-Ping Chen (Creative Technologist)

Meng-Chuan Lee (Fashion Designer)



Björk – Dark Matter

Featured in:

– NYC Media Lab '17 Summit