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/ Dec 2016

VR Meditation / UXUI /
Haptic Feedback

Halcyon takes consumers through an immersive experience, that engages multiple senses.

Halcyon is a healthcare wearable that was developed to improve social wellness, and it aims to soothe multiple symptoms of social anxiety through immersive meditation. It combines vibrations, lighting and temperature manipulation with the engaging visual nature of VR to provide a unique sensorial experience. By converting commonly unsustainable
digital-based coping mechanisms into a new productive and engaging self-help practice it is infiltrating an untapped market of social health and wellness.
It integrates VR with self-care through more than meditation videos, moving away from VR as simply a tool for entertainment.


Chieh-Ping Chen

(UX Designer & Prototype Developer)

Angelica Dios Jaramillo (Design Strategist)

Kuo-Jui Hung (UX & Digital Developer)

Hannah Chen (Industrial Designer)

Featured in:

– NYC Media Lab '17 Demo

– World Maker Faire '17

– Parsons School of Design

  Immersive Storytelling Symposium '17

The Problematic Millennial Lifestyle

Interrupted sleeping & eating habits, drinking coffee, alcohol and the consumption of recreational drugs, sedentary lifestyle and intrusive work life, screen-based entertainment and short-term coping mechanisms.

Research & Prototyping

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This wearable encourages other functions instead of VR, making visual media is less harmful. It works by converting unsustainable coping common mechanisms, such as phone usage as a distraction, binge-watching tv, and social media to a new productive and engaging technology.

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In doing so, it is infiltrating an untapped market of social health and wellness by integrating VR with self-care through more than meditation videos, moving away from VR as simply a tool for entertainment. Alternatively, in any case, redefining entertainment, to be productive.

The Diagram of Material That Make Up The Wearable

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The Diagram of Functions

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Vibration / massage:  

Provide relaxation and a palpable sensorial experience.


Temperature regulation:  

The feature took from the existing technology in eye massagers, allowing users to customize the temperature according to their current mood or the environment (visual stimulus) they choose to engage with to make the experience more real or relaxing.

According to an article published in LEDs magazine in 2012, studies show that the use of blue light could help youth combat stress. As a form of ambiance and making the experience more immersive, the environments come with specific lighting, that can also be turned off.

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Smartphone App & Scenes

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Halcyon App Sketch.png
Halcyon App Sketch.png

Visual stimulus:  

The app will provide a diverse selection of environments that users can explore. We’ve based these on existing apps that professionally render realistic natural settings for meditation purposes. We see this as an ideal opportunity for partnerships and collaborations in the future.



The product is designed to allow customers to choose how immersive they would like the experience to be. The app compliments these values and allows users to rate and share their experiences with one another.

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Value Proposition

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Testing & Exhibition

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