Hida Bench

/ Jun 2016

Smart Craft / IoT /
Social Experience Design

Design a comfortable lifestyle with the integration of tradition and technology.

The themes of the project "Hida Bench" are "conversational crafting," literally translating," and "The making of life with life." Understanding forestry, traditional woodworking technology with manipulating advanced technology like the Internet of things (IoT) and digital fabrication, We introduced new insights and experience related to culture, history, and community from living sensory data. ​


Chieh-Ping Chen

(UX Designer & Technology Developer)

Javed Khan (Architect)

Martin Lui (Architect)

Kana Hagiri (Industrial Designer)

Chun-Heng Lin (Industrial Designer)

In the process of concept making, we interviewed various residences and researched living in Hida, Japan. During the prototyping process, we explored multiple ways to create a correlation between human beings and artifacts, from a unique perspective of designers working in architecture, woodworking, and IoT fields.

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