Still Flow

/ May 2017

Wearable Technology / Fashion Collection / Physical Computing

Still Flow is inspired by a future imaginary scene where there the only season is winter: looks like a snow world. People depend on scarce material and food for survival. This is the consequence of environment pounding when people destroy the environment and overuse natural resources. Thus, all lives seem frozen, even dead.

Prototypes: Dress, Skirt, Leds and Motors

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Research & Narrative

“If greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, rising temperatures and humidity wrought by global warming could expose hundreds of millions of people worldwide to potentially lethal heat stress by 2060, a new report suggests” By Cheryl Katz, National Geographic. In ancient times, our animal instinct prompts us to seek the most basic natural resources, including food, clothes, and shelter to survive. Since the development of human civilization and technology has begun, people invent and improve the technical tools and methods to meet their desires. Meanwhile, people gradually ignore the connection between human being and nature, and become the top of the food chain to predate all resources. That is, we change more and more things, but have less and less respect for nature. This knowledge system tells us that human beings can overcome all the natural factors that damage our survival. Darwin’s natural selection, in the end, becomes a theory to praise human who is stronger than any kind of species. We are blinded by desire and begin to believe that we are the soul of the universe, so put ourselves higher than the natural ecology.

Technology enhances the quality of life but makes us forget that we also are a part of the natural world. We deforest and cultivate the land to expand the living space, and we overfish animals and plants and even change their genes to enjoy their deliciousness, not eat for maintaining our life. We exploit minerals hugely and use technology to change the nature of landscape, rivers, and trees to satisfy human’s desires, but ignore the threat of survival for other species due to the change of environmental conditions. For example, the US and the other seven presidents hold the G8 summit every year to solve the problems that caused by economic and political activities to damage our society and environment. One of the most critical issues is global warming. They enact decrees to reduce CO2 emissions, but we still find that the United State is the most significant emitter of CO2. When we invent new technologies to improve our world, we also hurt it at the same time. Thus, our world encounters global catastrophic risks.


Chieh-Ping Chen (Creative Technologist)

Meng-Chuan Lee (Fashion Designer)

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Prototype Test Videos

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