A Machine?

To visualize the process, I made a social media photo booth which has a hidden camera. It will take a snapshot secretly when audiences share their feelings by pressing the buttons on it. Those snapshots will be saved on an online data storage and post on the official WhatUshare social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, etc. The audience will be only given a hashtag (#whatUshare) as a clue to check their photos. I want to reveal the fact to make them think about our online privacy issue.


/ May 2016

Interactive Installation / IoT /
Critical Design

#WhatUshare is a physical computing based project. In digital and Internet age, most people have social media accounts, and we do all the virtual social activities on it. Our behaviors, reactions are monitored by those Internet companies. People’s privacy becomes valuable big data for them. However, do they just get the information we accept to share, or they just grab every information from us without any notice?

Designer: Chieh-Ping Chen

Featured in:

– Modern Storyteller  

  New Media & Interactive Design Show

– Parsons Playtech Fall Expo


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